Concierge Medicine

Concierge medicine gives you back freedom in healthcare. It is a unique approach to healthcare membership where a patient has 24/7 access to their provider. This means you can speak directly to your doctor any time of day (including weekends) by text, email or phone. We work closely with our patients to accommodate your schedule for a convenient same-day or next-day visit while giving you as much time with the provider as you need. We can even schedule your follow-up visits or check-ins via phone calls or video calls. All of the services offered at Premier Healthcare are covered under our concierge medicine program. This means you have access to nutrition counseling, health and fitness tracking, and wellness coaching whenever you need it.

Diet and nutrition counseling services

Proper nutrition is an essential part of managing your health. Maintaining a healthy weight can reduce your risk for chronic conditions, such as heart disease and diabetes.

Many of our patients have been advised that weight loss will help their condition, but they don’t know where to start that journey. At Premier Healthcare, your doctor will give you a roadmap and walk every step of the way with you. It’s our goal to be your best resource for total health and wellness.

Once we discuss your goals and establish your plan, you can decide how you would like to do your follow-up visits and weigh-ins.

Personalized weight loss plans

As a part of the concierge medicine experience, your doctor can work with you to create a personalized weight loss plan. Weight loss plans may include:

  • Diet and exercise plans
  • Food journaling
  • Medication

If you require a special diet, we can connect you with a registered dietician to help you accomplish your goals. For patients struggling with obesity, we also provide bariatric counseling and referrals for bariatric surgery.

Executive physicals

An executive physical is a comprehensive two-hour health assessment where your doctor will take a personalized deep-dive into your health. Concierge medicine physicians specialize in internal medicine and focus on disease prevention.

The following screenings are included in your annual executive physical:

  • Chest X-rays
    • To check for conditions affecting the heart, lungs, bones or blood vessels
  • Electrocardiography
    • To ensure proper heart function
  • Stress testing
    • To monitor your cardiac system during activity

A focus on prevention

The benefit of your annual executive physical and a close relationship with your doctor has the ability to prevent conditions from developing or getting worse. Don’t wait until you’re sick to see a doctor. We’re here to help you manage your individual risk factors and stay healthy.

Health and fitness tracking

Your physician will partner with you to help you live a healthier life. We use traditional primary care to complement what you’re already doing to improve your overall health and wellness.

Wearables, such as Fitbits, Apple Watches, pedometers and running watches, can provide valuable information for you and your doctor. As part of our health and fitness tracking program, your doctor can help you understand your health data, such as:

  • Calorie burn tracking
  • Heart rate data
  • Run/walk distance tracking
  • Sleep tracking
  • Step counting

Health and wellness coaching

At Premier Healthcare, we will partner with you to achieve your health goals. Whether it’s managing a chronic condition or focusing on prevention, you will get the personal attention you deserve in an upscale, convenient setting.

We can help with:

  • Bariatric counseling
  • Diabetic counseling
  • Disease prevention
  • Early detection of conditions
  • Post-surgery follow-up care
  • Weight management

Let us join you on your wellness journey

The concierge medicine model allows our doctor to spend more time with you one-on-one to create a plan to fit your lifestyle. All of our care plans are completely customized to your needs. Since we know you personally, we can take a more comprehensive approach to ensuring you’re as healthy as possible.

We have extensive experience dealing with a variety of health conditions, and we’ll work with you to accommodate all considerations about your health and medications.